What Clients Are Saying...

  • I would like to take a moment to thank Betty Frost for being one of the most helpful real estate agents I have ever come across in many years. My wife and I were moving back into the country after living many years abroad. I would review listings over the Internet and Betty would check them out and send me photos, make suggestion and even walk through with inspectors. Thanks to her we walked into a house sight unseen with no questions. We arrived the night before signing the mortgage papers, walked into the office at 8 AM finished signing by 10 AM. Went to Mayo Clinic to give blood because my wife was on the kidney waiting list and got a call while in line that they had a kidney for her. The wife had a Christmas Kidney before even walking into our new house. Without a doubt, Betty was our Christmas Angel. Without Betty’s help, we would have been lost in an endless line of paperwork and unanswered questions. She kept us organized and informed during ever step of the process being a perfect go between with the seller and finance company. Thank You. -Terry Norman

  • Betty Frost is the most professional and capable Realtor I have hired in the past forty years I have owned homes. She is honest, thorough and smart! She listed the last home I sold for twenty thousand dollars higher than a price I thought it would bring, and it sold for full price the first day it was on the market. If you need a Realtor to help you buy or sell a house, Betty is your best bet! -Nancy Dixon

  • Dear Betty, Claudia and I have been very impressed and appreciated your help and go above and beyond attitude in our real estate needs. While looking for properties to rent on Zillow I thought it would be easy to locate the properties make the appointments and complete the arrangements ourselves. One of the properties listed you as the agent. Claudia contacted you to see other properties. I told my sweetie to leave a real estate agent out of our business and not be bothered. Claudia said from her first contact you were very nice and wanted to work through you. I had my doubts but since your wife is always right we moved forward. From the minute we met you we knew you cared and genuinely wanted to help. Having access to the key boxes and knowledge of the area streamlined the process. Your patience during our decision process was amazing. Little did we know the maze of decisions that remained after the property selection were going to be tedious. You worked confidently and had to make more trips and contacts with the property management than would be expected. Being across the country and having Betty Frost on our side eliminated any concern for us. Thank you Betty for the excellent and friendly way you helped us find a home and start our new chapter in Arizona. -Sincerely Kevin & Claudia Kunz

  • I want to thank Betty for her patience during the process of finding me a home. That process took nearly two years and was complicated by my own changing physical limitations. During that time she was always supportive, enthusiastic and informative. In addition, she always presented herself and potential properties in a professional manner. - Patricia Shaw